An introduction to the Holistic Approach to Health and Wellbeing

What Is Holistic Treatment?

Holistic means “dealing with the whole of something”. Holistic treatment attempts to address an individual as a whole person rather than as someone who just has physical or psychological issues. In simple terms, if a person is having back pain, a holistic treatment would not only provide relief from that pain, but also seek to mark any underlying cause by looking at their diet, environment, or any stress. With holistic therapy and medicine, both treatment and prevention are possible. 

Megha Malhotra, a licensed Physiotherapist at RCP health and a long-time holistic practitioner, explains how holistic treatment and medicine works, misconceptions, the benefits of this approach and how it can improve patient outcomes and the healing process.

How Does Holistic Treatment Work?

The philosophy of Holistic treatment is that a person’s self-perception cannot be found in one area, but it is an integration of the entire body, including their mind, physical body, emotions, feelings, and spirit. This treatment helps a person gain awareness of these connections using various techniques and helps them develop a deeper understanding of themselves at all levels.

A holistic approach believes in prevention first and treatment second. The treatment works by merging conventional medicine with a holistic approach to provide comprehensive care for the patient.

Holistic Is Not Anti-Science

The biggest misconception of holistic treatment is that it is the replacement for conventional medicine. It is crucial to understand that both treatments can go hand-in-hand. What lacks in one can be fulfilled by another. Holistic treatment works with modern research-backed treatment methods, not against them or in place of them. 

What Are the Benefits of Holistic Treatment?

Including holistic treatment in daily lives, the benefits can be so many. Few of them are

  • Holistic treatment does not focus only on the physical symptoms of a patient but on all elements of the body. This ensures more personalized care for the patients.
  • This treatment takes an empathetic approach to diagnose, care for, and treat every patient as an individual. This treatment is not just papers on the clipboard, it’s a trust-based relationship
  • This treatment empowers the patient to understand and take control of their own body and mind, making them more rigid to stop unhealthy behaviors
  • This treatment includes the patient’s entire background, their life, the environment they are living in, their habits and all the prospects that affect their health. This way the doctor can recommend which lifestyle changes will work best for them. Each patient has a recommendation based on their life.

Types Of Holistic Treatment

This treatment encompasses a variety of techniques depending upon the patient’s need. Along with modern pharmaceutical treatments, at RCP Health we provide holistic therapies like

  • Massage Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Naturopathy
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Rehab

The Approach to Disease Prevention

As established already, prevention is quite serious in holistic treatment. The notion of holistic care is that preventive care can immensely enhance the quality of life by reducing the risk of many diseases. Regular screening of health, nutritional counseling, and stress-reducing treatments like massage or acupuncture can help a person lead a healthy lifestyle. Important to understand is the fact, that holistic treatment does not work overnight; it is a gradual process and works with regular practice.

Is Holistic Treatment Safe?

Absolutely. But like every other treatment, it is important to seek a supervised doctor with knowledge. If you have concerns about your health, getting it checked as soon as possible is imperative.