Parkinson’s-Medication & Therapy


Parkinson’s – a brief Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative brain illness associated with aging that results in the breakdown of certain brain tissue. The main symptoms are delayed movements, tremors, balance issues, and others. Unknown factors cause most instances, but some are hereditary. Although there is no known cure for the illness, numerous treatments exist.

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How to get winter ready

Why winters need more care Numerous research examining various variables that may impact the degree of pain has been carried out throughout the years. These include the following: air temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and solar exposure. Examining the relationship between cold temperature and muscle/joint discomfort is challenging. Additionally, it is challenging to draw a clear

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Alzheimer, Dementia

A brief overview of life-limiting diesease Because Alzheimer’s is a progressive illness, the signs and symptoms appear gradually over a long period and then worsen. Multiple brain functions are impacted. The term “dementia” refers to a collection of symptoms brought on by a persistent deterioration in brain function. It may impair one’s memory, ability to

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Vestibular Rehabilitation- Postural balance & Spatial orientation

Vestibular Rehabilitation, Vestibular physiotherapy

What is the detailed concept of vestibular rehabilitation? Vestibular rehabilitation is a strength training program created by a physical therapist with specialized training in vestibular disorders to enhance balance and lessen dizziness-related issues.  Patients who have been given a diagnosis of vertigo, veridical imbalance, Meniere’s syndrome, neck-related vertigo, or headaches are frequently recommended for vestibular

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Treating Diabetes through Rehabilitation

Diabetes Rehabilitation

Introduction Simply put, diabetes is a chronic illness that develops when the pancreas cannot create insulin or when the body cannot utilize the insulin produced effectively. Raised blood glucose levels result from an inability to manufacture or use insulin properly. Long-term elevated glucose levels are linked to cellular deterioration and organ and tissue failure. Although

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Cancer Rehabilitation-How to maintain and restore well-being

Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer rehabilitation is a type of care that can begin before, during, or following treatment. It aims to enhance a person’s physical and psychological functionality while dealing with cancer. After receiving a cancer diagnosis, cancer rehabilitation can begin at any time. It has been described as “cancer prehabilitation” when administered before or concurrently with therapy.

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