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What do Dieticians do?

Dieticians specialize in work in healthcare settings. The clinical dietitian can design nutrition programs to improve or maintain the health of senior or individuals by promoting healthy eating habis or eucation individuals on nutrition issues.

What do Dietician do in home care?

The goal of home care is to help people maintain their independence and reduce the need for hospital visits and institutional care. A dietician can develop nutrition care plans, monitor patient outcomes and provide seniors and indiviuduals with guidance that fosters a nourishing eating style that promote normal physiologic function and physical activity as well as support happy and healthy living.

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How can a Dietician Help me?

Senior and Individuals with health issues have been identified as being at nutritional risk due to a variety of factors. Several nutritional consequences occur as a result of eating disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, dementia, and disabilities. This can lead to potential nutrient deficiencies, feeding issues and significant nutrition‐related side effects.

At-home dietician service can prove to be beneficial to seniors and individuals considered high risk due to an illness or disability that compromises mobility or an increased risk of infection in public places. These individuals can receive dietician service at the comfort and safety of their home. At home service can also eliminate travel thus saving a a lot of time.


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Are Dietician services covered by Insurance?

 A number of health insurance plans and extended healthcare benefits offer annual registered dietitian and/or registered nutritionist coverage. If you do not know about the coverage you have with your insurance call us and we will find it out for you.

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